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Welcome to the Empyrean Skies.

For two millennia the lands of the Debrethian Monarcy have spun in counterpoint the Ardalian Confederacy. These two cities states that have spun together for so long are again spinning toward one another and tensions rise. It has been seventy years since these two city states have passed so close to one another and in the last pass tens of thousands died and islands fell from the sky. It is but one year until the closest passing and there are those who are jumping at the bit for war and those who see it as an opportunity for peace and those who just seek to make a make some gold in the process.

Places of Note

The Debrethian Monarcy – currently ruled by the half-elven Queen Sharith. Seven dukes sit on the queens High council to advise and carry out here will.
The Ardalian Confederacy -Ruled by the 9 advisors who choose one among them to be the Elder or the council. These councilors are each selected by the District they represent.
Tareth Rest – A small Border Island 20 Miles up from the Debrethian capital.

People of Note

Queen Sharith of the Debrethian Monarcy
High Counselor Tarigan vorlethof the Ardalian Confederacy
Baron Amado Zotikos – A know collector of ancient artifacts
Duke Cyprian Nurislam – A powerful member of the court of Sharith that is quite angry with someone.


Getting from place to place in the Empyrean skies is of vital importance to everyone. Transportation it’s sometimes as simple as going down to the sky. And booking passage and sometimes its complexity gaming wild animals to try to get from place to place.

The white Dove – A pinnance captained by verlush Salat a teifling in love with his own voice and poetry. His is for the most part an honest captain though he will not look done on a bitof smuggeling to make ends meet.


The three major crime syndicates are in operation within the Debrethian Monarcy and the hard Ardalian Confederacy. Two of them operate out of the capital cities of each of the ruling powers while the third mostly plays on the edges acting as an illicit transport system between the two cyclones.

Main Page

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